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Collaboration, Equality, and Opportunity

Why am I running?

I’m running to replace Bob Good who has been unresponsive to repeated attempts to engage on the issues of importance to our community. Those who hold different views from us aren't inherently bad; they bring valuable perspectives. When we engage with diverse ideas it fosters understanding and collaboration, essential for progress. However, Bob Good is unwilling to collaborate; he must go. Let’s do better than Good.

Women's Rights

I refuse to be sided-tracked by academic questions of when life begins or whether a fetus feels pain and when because personhood starts at birth, that’s when a newborn is issued a birth certificate, given a name and a social security number. Anything that happens before that is a moral question put to the mother, or a health issue for the family to decide on or a medical situation that doctors make recommendations for. I don’t see where I can be involved in any of these scenarios, but I can clearly see that if we, as a society, limit the freedom of half of the nation, actually more than half, to make decisions regarding their own bodies then weren’t living in the land of the Free. and There is no reasonable expectation for any of us to enjoy the freedoms you and I currently enjoy. Doing so is antiAmerican because America’s foundational value is freedom. I will enshrine women's rights by reestablishing Roe v Wade into law so that it will no longer be threatened by the whims of judges or justices.


Farming must be classified as a national security resource, a society that can’t feed itself is always vulnerable. The cycle of boon and bust our hardworking farmers go through from one season to the next makes farming an undesirable career choice for younger generations. That must be changed. Farmers must be guaranteed a floor of government support to ensure they thrive and prosper while feeding us. We owe them more than we know. I will push for laws that are crafter with our 5th district farming community to ensure passage of bills that are address their needs.

Mass Shootings 

I’m not Calling for gun registration or a ban on type of gun over another until we have hard objective data on the matter. I will lift the law that bans funding the CDC’s study of the Public Health Effects of guns. As soon as we have this objective information we can put our heads together to guarantee the preservation of life from massshooting and at least for non suspecting people to have as much right to their safety as gun owners have rights to their guns.

Economic Justice 

Our market economy has been driving our values and dreams, but the great wealth it generates has increasingly trickled up staying with the wealthy and powerful. This is not fair and absolutely unsustainable - our system is broken. 

I am determined to fix this broken wealth distribution system by ensuring that the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. There is no need to increase tax brackets once we close tax loopholes. I will focus my effort on fighting powerful special interests for the purpose of ensuring that: 

  • An honest day’s work is compensated with an honest pay. This means that businesses should increase hourly wages based on what workers are willing to accept. Businesses must not complain of lack of willing workers, they simply need to pay the workers more. 

  • The pay shall provide the dignity and respect that is due to our workforce. This includes an ability to live a comfortable life enabling them to pay for basic needs: housing, food, and health insurance at a minimum, without the need to take up a second job or gig work.

  • That women in the workforce must at a minimum achieve payment parity. This means that we must safeguard women’s career progression without penalizing them for time taken off for pregnancy and nursing.  

  • Supporting small businesses with financial guarantees, resources and advice.    

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